Straight Talk from El Paso Saddleblanket’s Owner & Founder Dusty Henson

Dear Friends,
Everyday we get lots of people calling, writing and emailing El Paso Saddleblanket who are interested in selling our products. Some are stores and established dealers, many are dreamers fantasizing about getting rich selling our products without doing any work, and finally there are some serious people who want to start their own small business selling El Paso Saddleblanket products.

Today, I want to direct this letter to the category of first time people who are interested in a business opportunity. We see the ads everyday. Sell this or that, get rich, buy this starter kit, or make money working two hours everyday and on and on. Frankly, I think most of this is hype designed to separate you from your money, Pronto!

To me, the “dropship” hustlers are some of the biggest crooks out there. Beware, when things sound too good, too easy and they ask for money without giving you anything but bullshit, that should be your first sign something isn’t right. Be very cautious of Internet Scammers.

Before we go any further, read and consider these FACTS about El Paso Saddleblanket.
• We have been in the wholesale business over 40 years.
• We are located on five acres with a huge two-acre Showroom on the freeway right in the middle of El Paso, Texas (so we can be found).
• Everything we ship has a Money-Back (or exchange) Guarantee.
• We have a 3-A1 Dun and Bradstreet Financial Rating.
• With our staff of 36 people, over half have been with us 15 or more years.

The ONLY thing we sell you is Merchandise, no franchise fees, we do not try to sell you “how to get rich “guide books or phony sales kits. Again, the ONLY thing we sell is Products with a Money-Back Guarantee.

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• Where do I start?
• What and How do I sell?
• What should I order?
• What about selling at Craft Shows, Swap meets, Rodeos, various events?
• What about selling at home parties, trunk shows at local stores, or Internet websites and ebay?
• Should I do it?
• What’s the worst thing that could happen?
• Do I have the courage to “just do it”?

OK, first let me tell you a little about my background. I have never had a real job except the U.S. Army (Viet Nam era) so buying and selling to me is very easy, especially if you have something to sell. I know that this can be a difficult decision for the folks who have never had their own business. I promise you, that the absolute hardest thing about you getting into business with us is making the decision to “do it”.

From the start, the next thing I promise you is that if you do not work on promoting and selling El Paso Saddleblanket products you probably will not be very successful.

Once people decide to ‘jump in”, that is usually the most exciting part. Your head will start spinning with ideas. We have a full staff of VERY experienced sales people to help guide you to the best selling EPSB products for your particular situation. Our people will be happy give you suggestions on selling, display and advertising. You may want to check out our “Buy it Now” Wholesale website, for specials, package deals, closeouts and new products.

One thing I really recommend is that you start with as big of an order as you can afford assuring a big selection to choose from.

Think about these things, O.K. ? With a very low minimum investment (only in merchandise, nothing else) and a money-back guarantee (or exchange), free advise and consulting by a experienced staff, and a great opportunity to have fun, meet people, have some exciting products to sell and make money, ask yourself ” What’s the downside? What’s the worst thing that could happen on this whole deal?”

In the mean time “Back at the Ranch”, we’re waiting for your phone call at 915.544.1000 or 800.351.7847 to ask for your FREE Wholesale Catalog.

Happy Trails,
Dusty Henson, Owner & Founder
Personal e-mail:

P.S. If you are not ready to invest or buy products in quantity for resale, but LOVE this type of Merchandise and would like to buy samples or things for your own personal use, you can visit our Special Website for individuals .. Go To: