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Call us 1-800-351-7847
Monday - Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, Mountain Standard Time
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Quick Links to Wholesale Products
  • Starter Packages
    These starter package introduces you to classic designs and products sold by El Paso Saddleblanket for over 3 decades. Proven sellers – highest quality – colorful southwest and Indian style designs. We carefully handpicked these assortments for start up operators.
  • Saddleblankets
    Best Sellers, Solid Colors and Maya Modern Design Saddleblankets and Wallhangings
  • Rugs
    Southwest, Maya, Wool Pictorials, Wool, Indio and Persian Rugs
  • Blankets
    Mexican Blankets, Trade Blankets, Serapes, Bed Spreads, Pillows
  • Pottery
    Casas Grandes Pots, Tarahumara Pots, Paquime, and Mata Ortiz Pots
  • Gift Shop Items
    Reproduction Artifacts, Scorpion Items, Mandellas, Navajo Sandpainting
  • Saddles & Leather Goods
    Economy Saddles, Pleasure Saddles, Work Saddles, California Style Saddles
  • Cowhides
    Cowhides, Goat Skins, Cowhide Furniture, Rawhide Lamp Shades, Calf Skins, Goat Skins, Cowhide Place Mats
  • Jewelry
    Turquoise, Genuine Silver, Precious and Semi-precious Stones, Earrings, Rings, Necklaces, Pendants, Bolos, Watches, Belt Buckles
  • Mexican Sombreros & Hats
    Colorful, Charro Style & Mini Sombreros
  • Stenciled Items
    Cotton Placemats, Cotton Throws, Cotton Table, Runners, Cotton Purses, Heavy Duty Coir Door Mats Sample Sales is the e-store we have set up for those of you who have had experience with our products in past and are looking for more, and for folks just getting started with El Paso Saddleblanket. This site serves individual buyers for personal use.

Phone: 1-800-351-7847 / 915-544-1000 • FAX: 915-533-7209 •

Visit our 2 Acre Showroom

El Paso Saddleblanket believes in offering top-quality service and products, all while presenting a huge selection enabling you to customize your inventory to fit the needs of your store. We stock everything you need to represent the western and southwestern lifestyle. We carry it all: Hand-woven Rugs, Southwestern Blankets, Pottery, Gift Shop Items, Saddles and Leather Goods, and Fashionable Accessories. You will find everything you need and more!

For individuals buying for personal use, shop our samples website:
You won't find a larger selection of quality western and southwestern products anywhere else in the world!

Enjoy our website and become a wholesale dealer... Our selection, quality, and service can't be beat!

Some of the Wholesale Products We Carry

Mexican ImportsRugsBlanketsBedspreadsPillowsPlacematsFashion PursesSaddlesLeather GoodsCowhidesBull WhipsDream CatchersRattlesnake ProductsArrowheadsNative American Artifact Reproductions BasketsJewelryCow SkullsScorpion PaperweightsWall HangingsSouthwest Designed Pottery

Rugs To Riches

Visit Our Two Acre Wholesale Showroom at
6935 Commerce Ave, El Paso, TX 79915
CALL TOLL FREE: 1-800-351-7847
TEL: 915-544-1000 | FAX: 915-533-7209

These items are not Indian produced, an Indian product or the product of a particular Indian, Indian Tribe or Indian Arts and Crafts Organization as defined by 25 USC, 305 et seq. More info.

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